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Ultrasonic Cleaning Safe And Effective

DR. BEI Ultrasonic Scaler not only offers high quality design and power, but also provides intelligent features to the professionals. The cleaning head starts to work only when it is in touch with hard objects like teeth. When soft objects such as gums or tongue are in touch with the tip, it will stop. Automatic power off after long use to prevent overheating.


DR.BEI ultrasonic electric dental calculus remover is designed to solve the following oral problems

Red, swollen, painful and bleeding gums

Stubborn smoke, tea and coffee stains

Mild dental caculus with bad breath

Severe dental calculus with gingivitis and periodontitis

Ultrasonic Motor

  • Inaudible

  • Much higher vibration frequency

  • Dental hospital cleaning effect

  • Safe for use


Ultrasonic Motor

  • Noisy

  • Much lower vibration frequency

  • General cleaning effect

  • Safety hazard exists

More intelligent than you can imagine

The cleaning head starts to work only when touching hard objects such as teeth and stops to work when touching soft objects such as gums, lips and tongue. It never hurts if correctly used.

Hundreds of trial users have witnessed its cleaning power

Before use

After use


2 Types Of Cleaning Tips Provided


Built-in LED light and oral cavity endoscope help to find dental calculus of any corner


Automatic power-off for long-time use Prevent cleaning heads from overheating


Guides Of Operation

1. Install the cleaning head with the wrench and screw up to fix it.

2. Long press to turn on/off

3. Short press to switch mode

4. Point the cleaning head at the dental calculus. Move it back and forth to clean up.

5. Rinse mouth with clean water and spit out the dirts.

6. Uninstall the cleaning head with the wrench after use.

Items Included

  • Dental calculus remover*1

  • Wide cleaning head*2

  • Pointed cleaning head*2

  • Oral cavity endoscope*1

  • Wrench*1

  • USB cable*1

  • User manual*1

Product Specifications

DR.BEI Ultrasonic Electric Dental Calculus Remover

Product name:

Product model:


Waterproof rate:


Rated voltage:

3.7V DC

Input parameters:

5V DC 1A

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